Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Back!!!

It has been a long time since I have been on here, I had my surgery and had my 2nd shunt placed. I am a rare patient since I have 2 working shunts. There aren't many of us that have 2. The surgery went really good. Had issues with the on-call dr and a couple of nurses I had. No one would give me any pain meds after the surgery. Even in recovery, the anesthesiologist wouldn't give me any. I have had meds in recovery before, but not with this dr. I was out of surgery about 4pm and to my room by 5pm, but I never received any meds until 7:30. I had not been given any of my daily meds until 1:30am. I couldn't believe that they wouldn't even give me my daily meds. I had brought all my meds from home, so I took some pain meds that I had in my bag.
( finally went to sleep about 2:30am, Then, at 3:30am the fire alarm went off. All the doors started slamming shut, people were yelling, and we didn't know what was going on, We didn't find out until the next morning that it was a fire fire, just a drill...AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!!! I was able to be discharged that evening. Thank goodness!
Dan had surgery on his knee. He completely tore the ACL and the MCL was torn, but not enough to warrant rebuilding it. He was back to work in 3 days and off crutches. He is doing really well right now. Physical therapy is pleased with the progress he is making.
Dans dad passed away 2 weeks ago today. He had been in OSU for 8 days and we were told that we could shut the ventillator off or have a trach put in and then he live in a nursing home. The boys decided to turn the vent off. After that, it has been completely crazy. A couple of brothers are just all about the stuff they can get, the will hasn't been found, there is a life insurance policy that no one knows who is the beneficiary. Just crazy. They need to get a lawyer and won't. Dan's mom is also butting in where she doesn't belong. I always liked her until now. She has butted in and just been a pain. Right now, I don't even want to talk to her or see her. So angry with what is going on right now.
Health wise, I have had a terrible headache for a week now. The neuro NP thinks it is a cluster migraine. She changed my meds and added some to see if it would didn't, So have to call her tomorrow and see what she says, I don't care what we have to do to get rid of them, lets just do it, I was also informed today that my c peptides were high. That means that my body is not using insulin properly and that isulin is being stored in my body instead of being used. He is going to fax my PCP a recommended dose of glucophage and metanz and maybe something else. I will have to wait and see. But that does explain why I haven't been able to lose any weight. We found out a couple of years agp that when I took the glucophage and metanx, I lost a lot of weight, I am looking forward to doing that.
It is 3:15am, I need to go to sleep. I hope that I can.