Friday, June 4, 2010

This disease...UGH!

This disease is such an interruption that people don't understand. I miss out on a lot of things that I would love to participate in. On Wednesday, I was supposed to attend a football moms meeting. Well, we had thunderstorms and tornado warnings, so that means terrible barometric pressure readings. That in turn means I am sick with terrible headaches. I was so upset! You know sometimes, I just want to be a normal mom that can do the things the other moms do. I know the other moms wonder why I am not helping with things and where I am and that alienates me from them. No wonder when I do see the other moms they just give me that look. They don't understand. I hate this disease! I was feeling better this morning, but with the heat and humidity, I am getting a headache that feels like a big one. And of course with the headache, I am having lots of nausea so I can't eat which means that I am not losing weight. It has slowed dramatically, and that frustrates me. Just lots frustrating me right now.
Prayers for Noah. They found something in his labs he had done. It may be something minor that would require several months of medicine, or something more. Wait and see.